Photo montage created for the American Trauma Society. This montage was used for the cover of the Trauma Survivor Network brochure.
Bar/Bat Mitzvah – This montage was created from photographs from a bat mitzvah in lieu of the traditional commemorative photo album. It was printed to 16 x 20 and matted and framed.
Special Birthdays – Acknowledge a special milestone birthday with a montage of photos.
Adoptions – I created this montage to commemorate the journey taken to adopt a little girl from China.
Adoption – The same mother later adopted another child from China and I was commissioned to create a similar montage to honor her homecoming.
Weddings – Commemorate your wedding with a custom photomontage. This montage was for a destination wedding at Yosemite.
Birthday Celebrations.
Invitations – This montage was created for a Bat Mitzvah invitation.
Family Portraits – These two montages were commissioned by a daughter to highlight the lives of each of her parents.
Friends and Family Gatherings – Save your reunion memories in a montage that highlights the fun times spent together.
Moving Gifts – This montage was created for someone who was leaving his friends to move to another country so he could bring the memories of the good times spent together along on his journey.
Wedding couple montage portrait.
Mother and newly adopted baby portrait.
Christenings and baby namings.
Family Portraits – Put your whole family together in one framable montage.
Pets – Lets not forget our furry friends!
Anniversaries – This montage was commissioned as an anniversary gift.
Milestone Birthdays – This montage was created as a gift to celebrate a 70th birthday.
Memorials – Remember loved ones as they were in life.
Achievements – Acknowledge special achievements such as running a marathon, participating in a triathalon or reaching a long-awaited goal.