CatchEye is a software technology that tracks and maps a user's face and then rotates it so that they can have real eye contact during Skype or other video chat sessions.
CatchEye Logo Tag. We developed the initial tagline for the launch of this start-up company.
AKAM Living Services is a real estate services company that provides residential property management, commercial management and leasing, capital project management, and sales and brokerage through its 6 sub companies. We modernized and re-designed the ALSI parent logo in preparation for a re-design of their website.
The 6 different AKAM companies under the AKAM Living Services umbrella each had their own logo and unique look. Seen together they did not look like they were part of the ALSI brand. We re-designed these logos to all have a common look that strengthened AKAM’s overall brand identity.
Johnson & Johnson Signature of Quality. We designed this logo for a world-wide awards program for Johnson & Johnson. The program recognized various divisions within the J&J companies for excellence in quality during each calendar year in the hope of preparing them to compete for the Presidents’ prestigious Malcom Baldrige Awards.
Logo design for Vanarex, a men’s hair re-growth company. We designed the logo and product packaging for their line of products.
Logo design for World Promise, an international non-profit organization created to to bring education to children in under developed countries.
Logo design for The Lung Transplant Project, which started as a grass roots organization founded by a group of grateful patients from New work Presbyterian Hospital to help create the education and awareness needed to raise donations for ongoing research.
Client: CooperKatz & Company for Polar Technologies. Logo design for EnergyNow, an assessment-based program aimed at reversing childhood obesity.
Logo design for a UPRS, a company that specializes in unclaimed property recovery. They help individuals and organizations recover unclaimed funds often from old accounts and uncashed checks.
Logo design for Special Deliveries, a premium gift company specializing in baby baskets.
Logo design for East Brunswick Business Alliance, a group of businesses in East Brunswick, New Jersey.
Logo design for, a website to promote local businesses and services in East Brunswick, New Jersey.
Logo design for Edan Team, a South Florida real estate broker.
Logo and business card design for, a not for profit organization that facilitates moving unwanted paint to local charities that need it.
Logo design for Upper 90 Consulting, a business consultancy that helps leaders and teams asap to change, grow to potential and excel through high performance. The upper 90 degree angle in the logo represents the upper right quadrant, which in business represents optimal results.
Logo design for Camp Penbrook, a girl’s weight-loss summer camp.
Logo design for a South Florida summer day camp.
Logo design for Life, a line of t-shirts that we designed that celebrate the activities that balance our lives. In addition to designing and trademarking the logo for the brand, we also created the various individual designs for the entire line.
We created this logo design for National Women’s Hall of Fame for a series of events held in NYC.
Logo design for Leaving Lightly™, a company that helps people get their affairs in order while they are alive so that all they will leave their families behind with is love.
Leaving Lightly™ logo with tagline.
Logo design for Heart of Faith Pilgrimages, a company that organizes tours to the Holy Land.
Logo design for an interfaith pilgrimage to Israel in 2013.
Logo design for an extermination company that uses dogs to detect bed bugs.
CG Environmental logo design, an environmentally friendly extermination company.
DataMorphosis. Logo design for a software company.
Logo for a Trans-Atlantic sail boat race from Marblehead, Massachusetts to France.
Logo design for the Mentor-Kasparov Corporate Chess Challenge, an event sponsored by Mentor, a children's charity where the legendary chess champion, Garry Kasparov played chess against a room full of children from various chess clubs in NYC, concurrently.
Logo design for Private Screenings, a new film class with Professor Richard Brown, who is known for the Movies 101, an adult education class.
Logo design for Straight A Tours, a travel company.
Logo for Success By Design, a business coaching consultancy with a focus on green business practices.
Logo design for Mark Kaupp, a psychologist who specializes in couples therapy.
Logo design for Unique Business Concepts, a consulting firm that adds value to their clients by thinking out of the box.
Logo design for the American Trauma Society.
Logo design for Heidi Shulman-Cohen, an independent Costume Designer and Wardrobe Supervisor for movies and television.
Logo for The Latino Health Institute, a division of Beth Israel Hospital that focuses on the Latin Community in NYC.
Logo designed for Vertex, a academic services company that helps prepare children in grades 6-9 in Test Prep, Tutoring and admissions Consulting. We helped this new company come up with it's name as well as the final logo design.